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Logline: An entomologist collecting insects in a remote seaside area is forced by villagers to live at the bottom of a sand pit with a widow.

Review: One of the most visually striking films I have ever seen, Woman in the Dunes is strange and unique avant-garde cinema from Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara.  Its visual compositions are astounding, providing a texture that is rarely achieved by filmmakers.  One can almost feel the grains of sand as they permeate every aspect of the characters’ lives and inhabit nearly every frame of film.

One of the film’s main themes is captivity.  The entomologist is trying to escape his life back in the big city of Tokyo only to become captive in a situation from which he cannot escape.  Woman in the Dunes is a contemplative masterpiece with a hypnotic power as well as a deep level of eroticism.  Its imagery cannot easily be forgotten.

Great scene: This may be the most fascinating sex scene ever put to celluloid.