Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 film Rope remains an anomaly in the director’s career. It’s unusual film aesthetic and experimental nature have set it apart from other Hitchcock films even though it shares many of the same thematic concerns, particular the class theme. Rope is an experiment in film technique.   Hitchcock attempted to replicate the continuous action of a play about a homosexual couple that murder someone and place his body in a trunk that serves as the bold centerpiece to their dinner party.

Visual language

Hitchcock’s cinema is deeply tied to the techniques of editing and audience manipulation. Hitchcock was more concerned with the visual language in his films than the dialogue. In Rope, the visual language is limited to eleven long takes. In attempting to make the action in Rope appear continuous, Hitchcock refrains from his traditional editing methods. Miller notes “Hitchcock had the idea, he said, of doing…

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