Logline: Two parents grieving the death of their young daughter encounter a blind psychic in Venice with a warning from beyond.

Review: Based on the short story by Daphne du Maurier, Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now is a horror masterpiece.  The film’s horror elements are skirted to the sidelines and instead, the film focuses on the personal loss of the couple.  This makes the film’s ending all the more shocking and horrifying.  Surely, anyone who has seen this film will never forget that little red coat.

Like so many of Roeg’s films, Don’t Look Now has a fragmented visual style that makes it truly unique in the pantheon of horror.  Roeg toys with our perception of time and gives us several clues as to what is going to happen.  These visual clues act as premonitions in of themselves.

Don’t Look Now is like a jigsaw puzzle that demands to be seen more than once.  The labyrinthine alleys and backstreets of Venice complement the film beautifully.

As John and Laura Baxter, Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are at their best.  The film’s depiction of a married couple is unmistakably realistic and includes what is perhaps, the most memorable and beautifully shot sex scene in the history of film.

Don’t Look Now remains one of my absolute favorite horror films.  With its constant sense of dread and unique visual style, it is a film that will become engrained in your mind.  As John Baxter says in the beginning of the film, “Nothing is as it seems.”

Rating (out of ****): ****