Logline: A small coastal town in California called Bodega Bay is terrorized by birds who are attacking for no apparent reason.

Review: When I first saw The Birds as a young boy, it genuinely frightened me and introduced me to the world of Alfred Hitchcock, a filmmaker whose work I have been exploring ever since.  The Birds is perhaps my personal favorite Hitchcock and a fascinating film on so many levels.

The Birds followed in the wake of Psycho (1960), Hitchcock’s most successful film at the box office.  Both Psycho and The Birds hold the distinction of being Hitchcock’s only true horror films and both are among his finest works.

The Birds is Hitchcock’s ultimate statement of order and chaos, a compelling study of human relationships and the need to be loved.  There are so many iconic scenes in the film.  Highlights include the sequence at the restaurant in which Melanie…

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