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Logline: A group of women, on a caving expedition, become trapped and discover they are not alone.

Written and directed by Neil Thomas, The Descent is a solid British horror film.  Featuring an all-female cast (there is one man in the opening prologue but he is quickly disposed of), this creature feature will certainly make your blood curl.

The film is essentially made up of two halves – the first introduces the women as they meet one another in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and journey into a remote cave.  The second half of the film is a non-stop thrill ride as the women fight for survival against a group of subhuman creatures that have adapted to live in the cave and are hunting them for food.  Thomas builds the suspense but there is also plenty of blood and gore.  The technical aspects of the film are impressive, especially the varied lighting used throughout the film.

Most horror films are loaded with testosterone so I appreciated the use of an all-female cast.  However, the characters are rather annoying.  Also, I have mixed feelings about the ending, which I will not spoil for those who have not seen the film.

Nevertheless, The Descent is a solid horror film that makes great use of its claustrophobic setting.  Taking viewers deep beneath the Earth, this adrenaline pumped nightmare is frightening, intense, and an easy recommendation for horror fans.

Rating (out of ****): ***